JUMPAIRBAG in Vladivostok — Freestyle airbag for a soft landing from a springboard
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Freestyle airbag for a soft landing from a springboard

  • 3 jumps $450
    10 jumps $1050
    Unlimited for one day $1550
    Also instructors of Jumpairbag crew provide assistance in workout:
    12 training jumps for $21
  • Jumping are not completely safe! Everyone must be aware that he does so at his own risk!
    Jumpairbag crew is not responsible for the consequences of jumping.

    General rules

    1. The presence of a protective helmet is necessary.
    2. Jumps are only permitted on the snowboarding and skiing.
    3. Edges shall be rounded. Damaged edges and jumping with ski poles are not allowed.
    4. Children under 18 must be supervised by a parents.

    Starting jump

    1. Before overclocking, you must ensure that the acceleration line, springboard and airbag are totally free.
    2. Start acceleration is permitted only on a signal
    3. You must observe the order, as well as the interval between the jumping.


    1. Upon landing you must regroup and protect head by your hands.
    2. Leaving the airbag you should be careful, avoiding repulsion from the airbag.
    3. After leaving, you should send a signal about the successful completion of the jump.


    1. Jumping under the influence of alcohol and drugs.
    2. Jumping for individuals with disorders of the musculoskeletal system.
    3. JUMPAIRBAG usage by pregnant women.
    4. JUMPAIRBAG usage by individuals, which weight exceeds 120 kg.
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